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2018 Mini Sessions!

It’s mini session season! I only have 20 time slots! Book fast! This year I am working with Minted to give you all 20% off on your holiday card order when you sign up! How cool is that?! I will provide the code upon delivering your gallery. I even upload your photos for you so… Read more »

jenita & jasmine | thirty

happy birthday to these beautiful sisters!! {8.22.1988} {jasmine} a.k.a. {jazzy twin} “live life to the fullest!” ..driven, thoughtful, smart, genuine, loving .. she loves shopping, vacationing, helping others, spending time with family & friends. BCU GRAD! RN, homeowner [[[give me all the pizzzzzza!!!]]] {jenita} a.k.a. {nita twin} “i woke up like this” -beyonce ..caring, lovable,… Read more »