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2018 Mini Sessions!

It’s mini session season! I only have 20 time slots! Book fast! This year I am working with Minted to give you all 20% off on your holiday card order when you sign up! How cool is that?! I will provide the code upon delivering your gallery. I even upload your photos for you so… Read more »

jenita & jasmine | thirty

happy birthday to these beautiful sisters!! {8.22.1988} {jasmine} a.k.a. {jazzy twin} “live life to the fullest!” ..driven, thoughtful, smart, genuine, loving .. she loves shopping, vacationing, helping others, spending time with family & friends. BCU GRAD! RN, homeowner [[[give me all the pizzzzzza!!!]]] {jenita} a.k.a. {nita twin} “i woke up like this” -beyonce ..caring, lovable,… Read more »

natavia | c/o 2018

  {natavia} – “’s all about enjoying where you are and having fun..” ..we stood in the rain with thunder in the distance, and this girl was all smiles & giggles, nothing was bringing down this session!   ..this converse, jeans & tshirt-loving girl got all girlied-up for her fun senior session! she says she… Read more »

jessica | maternity

..there are people in this world you will meet who will alter the way you look at the world, who will alter the way you feel about the small things, who will be your strongest friend on her weakest day, who will raise polite, kind children, who will work hard and smart to provide for her family, who… Read more »

Caleb | 5 days new

..ten years ago i met Michelle as we began our journey into nursing school at University of Florida (GO GATORS!) ..soon after, she met & began dating Roeun.. her Army boyfriend she was so proud of, and he was quickly deployed and fought for our country.. ..their love was incredible, and the way they grew… Read more »

jacob | fresh 48 & newborn

..i met jacob’s parents at a neighborhood party, and i cannot believe we’ve lived so close and hadn’t met sooner! his momma & i both worked at the same hospital in another city during the same years and never ran into each other either. and now she’s not only my neighbor, but delivered her baby… Read more »

{r} family

..little flower picnic in a park beneath beautiful trees.. i began photographing this family when momma was pregnancy with the first! they’re juggling full time jobs, full time parenthood, and full time marriage. if anyone in this world is doing it right, it’s these two. they are beyond grateful for each other, know how… Read more »