natavia | c/o 2018


{natavia} – “’s all about enjoying where you are and having fun..”

..we stood in the rain with thunder in the distance, and this girl was all smiles & giggles, nothing was bringing down this session!


..this converse, jeans & tshirt-loving girl got all girlied-up for her fun senior session! she says she relates to the oldies, laid-back and simple.

..she spends her free time lost in a good book, binging the latest on Netflix, & catching up with friends.

..she stands out at school as a fantastic writer, her teachers praising her on her essays & poetry, and it magnifies that proud smile she carries around. she’s confident with the fact that sometimes all she really needs is a good pen and blank page..

..a smart, well versed young lady with a future full of possibilities

she dreams of following in her mother’s footsteps and becoming a nurse, caring for sick children, and staying local to Tampa through college & career.

“..i’ve never met anyone like you — you’re amazing .. silly & sweet, nice & sometimes a smart alec..” – jeanelle, her best friend.

natavia says most people would probably be surprised of her whit and great sense of humor .. things that she will learn to understand will make the difference one day..

..please help me congratulate this gorgeous girl on her final year in school, where she will further ponder her future and imprint her present with final memories of the days we all wish we could revisit, the sacred years of high school, her soon to be past..


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  1. Mariya

    Amazing photos for an amazing young lady. Love the young woman you are and will come to be. Stay positive and focus on the good! God will continue to bless you!!!

    Love you forever and Ps. You are better than funny you are hilarious!!!!

    Aunty Toot Toot

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