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..ten years ago i met Michelle as we began our journey into nursing school at University of Florida (GO GATORS!)

..soon after, she met & began dating Roeun.. her Army boyfriend she was so proud of, and he was quickly deployed and fought for our country..

..their love was incredible, and the way they grew to love each other with countries between them, was inspiring..

..we graduated, we started our careers, babies were far from our mind..

..he proposed with their friends present, surrounded by support..

..i was lucky enough to be a bridesmaid in her 2013 spring wedding. they traveled to Cambodia where his family is from, and married again 😉

..they honeymooned, they bought a home, they were living the life, but something was missing..


..the heartache of feeling incomplete for a few years was difficult..

..they stayed strong, they enjoyed their time with more traveling, moving up in their careers, & rescuing more kitties (9 now!)..

..Michelle finally had her dream job, she was happy.

..the test was (+)’s a boy!

..a healthy pregnancy, a glowing maternity photo shoot, a healthy delivery.. a healthy {caleb}..

..home from the hospital in just a day, they were {complete}..

..5 days later, I got to meet this little man.

..i see in him peace, for which he’s provided his parents..

..i see in him strength from two tough people who’ve persevered through times i will never be able to truly empathize with..

..i see in him a woman whom i have never met, but who i see in my dear friend, her {mom}.. her angel, her guiding light, her energy, her beauty..

..this child is loved beyond words.. welcome to the world, {baby bear}..


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