hailey | 2015

..is it possible to be this gorgeous?? 2 years ago today, we raced down to the ocean to capture these shots just as the light was almost gone.. the sun setting & hiding behind the clouds. but these clouds, they really created a stunning backdrop!

my dear friend hailey moved to chicago just days after this photo shoot, and i never got to take newborn photos of maddox–or document her next pregnancy, or her brand new little girl!! she has a wonderful photographer taking care of her now, but boy do i miss her!! (hailey, come back!!!). mike, i guess you’re pretty good lookin’ too haha!

..i’ve never seen more natural beauty in my life. it’s like she accented the sunset and made the sky {glow}.


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  1. Liana Ubriaco

    Gorgeous photos…you capture the essence of the moment.

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