Monthly Archives: February 2017

hailey | 2015 it possible to be this gorgeous?? 2 years ago today, we raced down to the ocean to capture these shots just as the light was almost gone.. the sun setting & hiding behind the clouds. but these clouds, they really created a stunning backdrop! my dear friend hailey moved to chicago just days after… Read more »

a long awaited birth..

this momma. she rocked nearly her entire pregnancy on bed rest to keep her little miracle son snuggly inside as long as possible. boy, was he long awaited. i had gotten to know this momma a bit before this day..her stories, her struggles, her desire to be a mom.. her determination to keep this boy… Read more »

dave & krista | one year

{ineffable} ..there are things in this world that we describe using this adjective–simply invented for things when no other words are worthy of its description… heartbreak.. faith.. regret.. birth.. infertility.. youth.. dying.. freedom.. flying.. living.. dreams.. When instead of trying to locate the adjectives in the back of our brains, we can choose to… Read more »